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Vintage Monark
P.O. Box 4116
Oceanside, CA 92054

Phone: 760-754-8177
E-Mail info@vintagemonark.com

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Unfortunately I can´t give you any frame and engine number due to the following story. This bike I was supposed to drive competitions by during the season 1977. It didn´t develop this way because Monark stopped competing after 1976! Ove Lundell and me developed this model for the season 1977 cause it wasn´t then decided that the production should be closed down, but it turned out to be so. So to speak you could say this was the last one. My years with Monark started after 6-days in Spain 1970, there I got to know Ove, my idol of my childhood! Then I was driving OSSA -250 and took a silver medal. For the 1971 season I decided with Ove driving Monark.

  • 1971 I came 7 th in Swedish Championship in 125 cc class
  • 1972 I came 2nd
  • 1973-I came 1 st
  • 1974 3 rd
  • 1975 2nd
  • 1976 1 st
  • 1977 2nd with Husky
  • 1978 3rd with Husky
  • 1979 1 st but with Husky 125 cc and the same year I won the Novemberkåsan totally the first time ever with a 125 cc.

I´ve competed in 12 six-days, won 9 gold, 2 silver. 1 DNF, 1 team silver Trophy, 1 team Silver Vasen, my bike career started in 1967 and stopped in february 2004. During these years I´ve driven Ossa, Monark, Husqvarna, Yamaha and these last years with KTM. Prior to my motorcycle career I had one with bicycle. Started in 1955 6 days for young boys. In 1963-65-67 I was competing in the Swedish team in the Swedish 6 days. My third career is collecting and restoration of veteran bikes. In my collection I´ve 2 Monark Albin Army Motorcycles, Norton 500cc of 1929, Husqvarna 1000 cc of 1932, Harley Davidson 750 cc of 1937, Nimbus 750 cc of 1936, Honda 450 cc of 1969, Honda 400 cc Four of 1977, Honda 350 cc Four of 1973, Husqvarna 400 cc 8 speed 6-days of 1970.

Steve Tell

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