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Vintage Monark
P.O. Box 4116
Oceanside, CA 92054

Phone: 760-754-8177
E-Mail info@vintagemonark.com

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Hello Scott,

Thanks for the pictures, also thanks for the tickets and a great visit with you Scott.

I have found some very old results from -68 and -69 that I wrote down back then from all the racing I did, my first race were @ Elkhorn Nov 11 -68 on a borrowed Bridgestone. Got a first in heat one and a second in second race with a total of 2nd place with a real red monkey butt also. March 20 -69 I purchsed a 250 Husky from Leif Roland for $950 (I think his cost) due to that I did not want a total sponsorship that Leif offered but accepted a sponsorship of parts and clothing from Hallman (Carl Berggren)

  • 3-29-69 First race @ Elkhorn First in all 3 heat.
  • 3-30-69 Vilmot First in two heat and 3de in last heat4-4-13-69 Cayoga Ind. First in all 3 heat.
  • 4-20-69 Elgin Ill Observed trail on a borrowed Penton that Carl and I rode together, Carl first and I had a second.
  • 4-27-69 Elkhorn First, second and a third 5-4-69 Vilmot First in all 3 heat
  • 5-31-69 Elkhorn 2 day race, trail and motocross, 4th in trail and first 6-1-69 in 3 motos with a total of 2nd place. Used the same Husky.
  • 6-29-69 Greenbay First, second and a 4th. 7-6-69 Boulder Co Inter Am Running 10th when motor seized

    Regards, Stellan Tingstrom

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