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Vintage Monark
P.O. Box 4116
Oceanside, CA 92054

Phone: 760-754-8177
E-Mail info@vintagemonark.com

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Model Differences
Of the three models that Monark put out during its brief history (Enduro, ISDT MX), there is some confusion concerning the MX, GS and GS Pro versions of their motocrossers. Having read every article I could find, pouring over shop manuals, talking to those who raced them, those who maintained them and many hours of discussion with Scott Wallenberg, I've come up with a short list of identifying characteristics that may help you identify what you have. After you read through the accompanying material and find that I'm wrong, please let me know. My only hope here is to present the most accurate information possible.

  MX GS GS "Pro" Origin of GS "Pro" Parts
Head Standard Standard Milled Factory Installed
Hubs Sachs / Leilu Leleu Leleu Factory Installed
Ignition External Flywheel
External Flywheel
Internal Rotor
Local Modification
Carburetor Screw Top Bing Two Screw Top Bing Two Screw Top Bing Factory Installed
Engine     Stuffed Cases Factory Installed
Fenders Steel Plastic Plastic Factory Installed
Inner Fenders Steel Plastic Plastic Factory Installed
Tank Color Darker Yellow LIghter Yellow Lighter Yellow Factory Installed
Transmission Standard 6 Speed Improved 6 Speed Improved 6 Speed Factory Installed
ID 5B or 6B 6B GS 6B GS Factory Installed
Rear Sprocket Steel Alloy Alloy Factory Installed
ISDT 1 Head/Cylinder Undrilled Drilled Drilled Factory Installed
Cost $995 (In 1973) $1165 (In 1974) $1365 (In 1974)  

1 The heads and cylinders of GS engines were drilled to allow the installation of a "lead seal" to prevent work on engines during ISDT events.


  • GS Models available in both 1973 and 1974.
  • Each dealer had an option for 1-2 GS Pros for racing. In 1974 the were more available and could be ordered by anyone.
  • 1100 Monarks Imported into the U.S. over 3 years. 10% or 110 were GS Pros. (GS Pro numbers are just an estimate. No known figures are available at this time).


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